Saturday, March 7, 2009

Glenn Beck: We Surround Them Map

If you're thinking you'd like to participate in a Glenn Beck We Surround Them event this Friday, check out the where you can find events in your area. I found an event only a few miles away from me at Oggi's that I'll be attending. Much thanks to Oggi's for allowing the use of their facility, and to Debra for setting up the map!

Update 1: I had a lot of fun, got to meet a lot of like minded locals. Glenn Beck unveiled a mosaic of just 10% of the photos people had sent him. Glenn Beck also announced a new website, but it was so overloaded by the response the servers crashed. Once it is back up, be sure to check it out:


Jennifer Coomer said...

I cracked up at Stu & Glenn's conversation today when Glenn read the web address as "We Surrond The Mmaps".

Dustin said...

Yes I did too. I was ROFL. "We Surround the Mmap" and Mmap was just spelled wrong. Too funny. :)

Dustin said...