Monday, March 16, 2009

CA: Racist Roots of Gun Control

An interesting Open Carry Training Alert from Oceanside PD. The good news is that in California you are not prohibited from open carrying of an unloaded weapon. The bad news is that it must be unloaded. Why did California decide to ban open carry of loaded weapons? Apparently to make sure members of the Black Panthers group could not do it. Where was the ACLU when California decided to disarm Black Panthers?

Legislation passed on July 28, 1967 that Californians could not carry a loaded weapon in public, even openly. It was prompted after a group of Black Panthers led a protest march into the California Legislature fully armed in May 1967.
You can learn more about open carry in California in the Open Carry California forum as well &

Have I ever mentioned how thankful I am that I don't live in California, Washington DC, New York, or Chicago, among others? Our fellow gun owners currently stuck in those locations are in a world of hurt, I truly feel sorry for the predicament they currently find themselves in. I have a few ex-California friends who often tell me how glad they were when they moved from the Nanny State of California to the Free State of Arizona.

One of them even said he stopped to kiss the ground when he crossed the State line in his moving van & then yelled "FREEDOM AT LAST!" After he arrived he went to the DMV, got his Arizona drivers license, and did some shopping at a local gun store. Among other things on his wish list he picked up a handgun with a couple of 15 round magazines as well as an AR-15 with a couple of 30 round mags. He found Arizona Freedom to be absolutely heavenly after having been a California Subject for so many years.


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