Monday, March 23, 2009


Article Author Cathrine Grace was trying to paint a scary picture about the removal of gun free zones, but all I got out of it was heaven:

Imagine life at PUC with no gun ban. Picture a campus on which students, faculty, and visitors could all carry a concealed weapon, whether in the parking lot or the classroom.
This scenario could soon be reality should State Senator Johnny Nugent of Lawrenceburg find three times a charm in a possible January, 2010 revival of his controversial gun legislation.
I'd only make a few modifications to reach complete nirvana:

Imagine life at Purdue University with no civil rights violations. Picture a campus on which adult students, faculty, and visitors were all free to defend themselves from armed thugs & rapists.
Imagine freedom restored. Imagine America as it was meant to be.


Nick Duclos said...

I don't have to imagine, I carry concealed on campus at the University of Utah every day. Concealed carry has been allowed here for the past three years without a single negative incident, yet this is never mentioned in the debate.

Dustin said...

So very true. I and many on our side do often mention Utah as an argument in our favor. If getting rid of so-called "gun free zones" will cause the bloody horror our opponents talk about why has there been no such incidents in Utah? Also, why is it that Utah has not had a single mass shooting at a school? The only mass shooting in Utah was the Trolley Square Mall shooting and that was in yet another so-called "Gun Free Zone"