Thursday, March 26, 2009

Graphic of One Trillion Dollars

One Billion Dollars (tightly packed Pallets of $100 bills):

One Trillion Dollars (tightly packed Pallets of $100 bills - double stacked):

Earlier I described 1 Trillion in terms of the fact that going back in time 1 Trillion seconds would take us back to the year 251,495 BC. For another mental image check out the graphic of 1 Trillion Dollars in the form of stacks of $100 bills on pallets next to the image of a man.

Remember that image when Obama & other politicians talk about spending Trillions of dollars or taking Trillions of dollars in taxes or Cap & Trade fees. They want you to get used to hearing Trillions of Dollars the way we had been used to hearing Billions of Dollars. There is an exponential difference between Billions & Trillions, so don't let anyone fool you.


Bob G. said...

If the government REALLY wanted to "jumpstart" the economy...just hand out (better sit down) ONE...MILLION...DOLLARS (in his best Dr. Evil persona) to EVERY person OVER 18 and who IS A CITIZEN!

That would sure "level the field" as "they" want, AND get purchasing power into a LOT more hands ASAP.

Not to mention, it would separate the wheat from the chaff (those that blow the wad in less than a year and are broke again...tough cookies, people). They can suffer.

The rest of us...can pay off school, get a house, a car, take a trip...REALLY help the economy.

And it wouldn't cost NEAR AS MUCH as this buncha cash they're printing and tossing all over the place.

Just an idea...

Dustin said...

Although I'm generally not in favor of government handouts, I definitely agree that your idea would work a LOT better than the stimulus bill that was rammed down our throats by legislators who didn't even bother to READ it before they voted for it.

Unknown said...

@Bob G.


You'd be asking for a $250 trillion spending bill. Not that such won't likely be the case in another 10 yrs.


Dustin, the one thing wrong with this picture is that our debt and obligations are in fact closer to $50 trillion. The other week I scoped this out.

I decided to post it up on my blog in response to your post. And provide a 10 yr projection (which is eerily frightful).

Dustin said...

Great graphic. In my post I actually was talking in terms of individual new spending bills or bailouts & costs of individual new or proposed programs costing a Trillion here, a Trillion There, as if a Trillion was no big deal. If you look at our National debt, current or future obligations, etc. we're truly in a world of hurt. There is no way we'll ever dig ourselves out of this mess, especially at the current spend rates.

Justin said...

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