Tuesday, March 3, 2009

AZ: Hearing for Parking Lot Storage Bill HB 2474

HB 2474, The Parking Lot Storage/Worker Protection bill is scheduled to be heard by the House Judiciary Committee this Thursday, March 5th at 9am in House Hearing Room 4. You can use the Arizona Request to Speak System to enter a written statement in favor of the bill that all of the committee members will have access to, or even to request to speak at the hearing if you're able to attend in person. If you are not yet registered for the Arizona Request to Speak System you can do so at any kiosk at the AZ House or Senate building (1700 W Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007).

If you are unable to attend the hearing in person, you can watch online via either live or archived video streaming.

The NRA-ILA has more in addition to contact details for the Judiciary committee members.

Update 1: I watched the hearing live and am happy to report that this bill passed out of committee with a "Do Pass" recommendation with a 6 to 2 vote by committee members. Official vote results as well as archive video of the hearing should be available later today.

Update 2: Here is the video of the hearing.

Update 3: Passed by House.


Anonymous said...

What the hell ever happened to the speed camera bill? And the concealed carry bill? This bill will go nowhere. The legislature is only dealing with bills dealing with the deficet napalitano left for us. Everything esle is being shelved it seems.

Dustin said...

I've actually been told by a couple of Senators that they plan to extend the normal cut-off long enough to allow all of the pro gun rights bills to be heard. The speed camera bill already had a hearing & received a do-pass recommendation.

Justin said...

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