Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Urban Patrol Rifle

The Peoria AZ PD purchased 12 Urban Patrol Rifles in 2006 & explained for us why they are a useful tool:

In 2006 the Peoria Police Department added 12 additional Urban Patrol Rifles. These rifles allow officers to operate at extended distances, defeat body armor that suspects wear, and rapidly stop violent subjects that are threatening the lives of others. The Peoria Police Department also conducted two Urban Patrol Rifle certification classes for its officers to support the utilization of these vital tools.
I couldn't agree more. Some of the same exact reasons that I own a mid-powered Self Defense Rifle myself. It is interesting to note that in this context Self Defense Rifles are given the respectable name of Urban Patrol Rifle. It makes you wonder why in the hands of someone like myself who is not a police officer the gun grabbers like to call the same exact mid powered semi automatic rifle with an evil pistol grip an assault weapon. This is how I would change the wording in the Peoria PD annual report to apply the same exact listed reasons for owning a Self Defense Rifle to myself:
I purchased a mid powered Self Defense Rifle. This rifle allows me to more effectively operate at extended distances from criminal threats, defeat body armor that one or more criminals who broke into my home might be wearing, and rapidly stop violent subjects that are threatening the lives of my family . . .


Anonymous said...

I know my Mini-14 will still do basically the same job, but this makes me really anxious to finish my AR build... ;)

Dustin said...

I know what you mean. If you get it done before the GRPC you can come shoot it at the range with me. Bring the Mini-14 too. :)

Anonymous said...

Expose Obama's economic agenda with the definitive bumper sticker of the '08 political season: I'LL TAKE YOUR DOLLARS AND GIVE YOU CHANGE.

Flash Gordon said...

The left is the master of catchy slogans meant to obfuscate. Josh Sugarman is reputed to have said that calling the AR-15 rifle an "assault weapon" would cause the public to believe it was a full auto and that anybody could buy one at any gun store.

The list of other words meant to mislead is legion, such as "cop-killer bullets," "gun show loophole," etc.

In the 1940 presidential campaign Wendell Willkie said the "New Deal" was an inspiring phrase but that he wondered what it actually described. He quoted Oliver Wendell Holmes to the Roosevelt congregation who said, "A good catch word can obscure analysis for fifty years." [Source: The Forgotten Man, by Amity Shlaes, page349-350]

Fifty years is about how long it took for any real analysis of the New Deal. Thankfully, the left's deceptive phrases get exposed a little sooner now.