Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gary Reed: Saturday Night Assault Specials

Check out this article by Gary Reed on Saturday Night Assault Specials:

. . . If, as history reports, assault weapons were developed for assault troops to assault enemies with, what are self-defense weapons?

Why do we never read stories of homeowners driving off thugs with a "self-defense weapon"? If an "assault weapon" is used for self-defense, doesn't that make it a "self-defense weapon"?

Where is the news article of the carjacking victim beating off his assailant with a self-defense nine iron?

Why haven't we heard newscasts of a would-be rape victim defending herself with a self-defense spike heel? . . .

Wouldn't a brick used to attack a person be an assault brick?

Shouldn't hate speech be called assault words?

Shouldn't a hand signal flashed during a road-rage incident be called an assault finger? . . .


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