Thursday, August 28, 2008

TX: David Thweatt Glenn Beck Interview

I'm still looking for an online copy of the David Thweatt interview on Glenn Beck in a video format but have not yet found it. I have it saved on my Dish DVR unit but don't currently have any hardware to migrate the video to my computer. That will probably be a future purchase of mine as the hardware is relatively inexpensive now I understand. The Transcript of the David Thweatt Glenn Beck interview is available from the Aug 19th 2008 airing of the Glenn Beck TV show as a temporary stop gap & is well worth a read:

. . . BECK: The school shootings at Columbine and Virginia Tech, terrible, terrible tragedies, but I and many others believe they would have been prevented if some professors or teachers or, even in those cases, some students, at least in the Virginia Tech case, would have been armed.

One school district in north Texas apparently feels the same way. Officials at the Harold Independence School District will now allow teachers and staff to carry concealed firearms on campus. The district is about 30 minutes away from the local sheriff`s office, which they say -- that leaves them completely unprotected.

There are requirements, of course. A teacher must be authorized by the district, must have a handgun license, and I`m hoping also must not be crazy nuts.

David Thweatt is the superintendent of the Harold Independent School District in Texas.

You`re either laughing because you`re crazy nuts or you agree with me.

DAVID THWEATT, SUPERINTENDENT, HAROLD INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT: I agree with you 100 percent or we wouldn't have done it.

BECK: Right. All right, so, just blanket policy now, no crazy nut people working at the school district.


BECK: Yes.

THWEATT: And, you know, the best -- the best thing I could say about this, Glenn, is I have my own children in that school. I would be crazy to put -- I trust them with my own children.

BECK: OK. You`re getting quite a bit of flak and pushback here. I love this one. The president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, the union, says, "This policy is an embarrassment, and it is the stupidest move that I have seen done in public education." That`s a quote.

THWEATT: Yes, that particular quote is interesting to me. And you know, unqualified quotes, Glenn. Anybody can make a statement. The only thing I can say to that statement, and I have to say that`s the stupidest quote I`ve ever heard in the history of quotes.

BECK: Well, have you had any pushback from -- why would the unions be against this?

THWEATT: No, I think that this particular individual likes to hear herself talk. She`s not an expert in security. She`s not a -- she`s a person who spent the last 25 years with the union, fighting against administrators for teachers who probably need to be getting out of the classroom. That`s why Houston has all its problems with cheating...

BECK: Yes.

THWEATT: ... et cetera, et cetera. You know what? We have the same population, type of students as they do, but we`re a recognized state school, and they`re not.

BECK: All right. OK. Tell me, because their argument is, well, now, the kids, kids will be kids, you know, they`ll just run behind the teacher and grab their gun.

THWEATT: You know, what I find fascinating about those arguments is this. First of all, there`s guns all over schools with security guards and resource officers, and they`re in open holsters. Here`s the kicker. We are concealed. We`re not telling them who they are.

And so, it would be like somebody attacking a teacher, and then trying to take off their underwear, you know? It`s not happening. It`s never going to happen.

BECK: I just love...

THWEATT: We call it the air marshal plan.

BECK: Right. You know what? Can I tell you something? America, this is why you need to live in Texas. You really do. You need to live in Texas. Because as Davy Crockett said, "You can all go to hell. I`m going to Texas."

THWEATT: That`s right.

BECK: Do you have any teachers there in the school district that are saying, "I`m uncomfortable with this"?

THWEATT: No. No, we don`t.

BECK: You can all go to hell, I`m going to Texas. You see what I`m saying?

Best of luck to you, sir. Thank you very much, and keep the school safe. Thank you.

THWEATT: Thanks, Glenn.

BECK: You bet.

Coming up, one of the richest men in America, betting $58 million of his own money that he can change public opinion on alternative energy. His name, T. Boone Pickens. He`ll be here in a second. "The Real Story," next . . .


Anonymous said...

Sorry i'm french and at my school i'm learning, the fact that teacher carries guns at school. And i don't understand why people in USA gives guns so easily to everybody. For me, but maybe i'm wrong,it's just amazing because i think it's because of evey body gets gun that people are afraid and wants gun too. They just have to enter in a local bank to get it. And i don't understand why they that however the number of criminal grows up (i believe). But i repeat, i'm maybe wrong but i'dlike to understand why, in fact.

Dustin said...

The Texas Independence School district is not the only school where Teachers are not prohibited from defending themselves, but it is in the minority, and we definitely need to remove the restrictions from more locations.

With a so-called "gun free zone" the only people with the guns are the bad guys. There has yet to be a gun free zone sign that was obeyed by a bad guy - just look at Virginia Tech where the only person armed was the crazy guy who killed all those innocent disarmed victims.

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