Friday, August 8, 2008

I Dream of the Day I can Travel Freely While Armed

It wasn't long ago in the grand scheme of things that you could travel anywhere in the US or most of the World for that matter armed without having to be a Police Officer to be allowed to exercise that fundamental right to be prepared to defend yourself from any unknown enemy. Thanks to the efforts of many throughout this wonderful Country I can now travel over the majority of the US while armed so that I can always be prepared to defend myself & my family from predators & beasts that walk on either two legs or four.

Unfortunately, if I travel to some States in the US or to most Countries outside of the US the laws either outright won't allow me to be armed for my own defense, or require a mountain of paperwork & bureaucratic approvals. Many countries like the UK even make it illegal to defend yourself at all - if you defend yourself you could actually be sentenced to more jail time than the perpetrator you defended yourself against. They require you to just be a good victim & call the Police with hopes that you'll still be alive when they arrive.

I know I'm a dreamer, but I dream of the day when the fundamental freedom to defend ones family & oneself has been restored throughout the US & even many areas of the World. My simple wish is that all the world could be as free as an Arizona resident like myself, or better yet as free as an Alaska or Vermont resident where you don't even need to get government permission to exercise the fundamental right to bear arms. Watch this video & imagine yourself being free to dance the funny dance while carrying a concealed weapon in all these places to get the best effect of my dream:


Anonymous said...

Dustin, this was great. You may feel like you're preaching to the choir sometimes, but I really appreciate it.

Dustin said...

Thanks Eric :)

Based on the results of my 2 ongoing surveys on the right hand side navigation of this site about 4% of the visitors who have participated in the survey are anti gun or at least in favor of additional gun restrictions & gun free zones. If I can help shine a light on the truth for just one reader it's all worth it. As an added bonus, venting my frustrations online is an excellent stress reliever. :)