Friday, August 8, 2008

Airports Don't Have Rights!

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss. stated:

"If airports think (guns) should not be allowed, they should have the right to modify their security plan to reflect that"
No Mr. Thompson you are incorrect. Airports don't have rights. Airports are paid for & operated by we the people and only have the power & authority that we the people grant unto them. They have powers, not rights. The powers that we the people grant to Airport authorities would obviously end at any point where an Airport Authority would attempt to usurp a constitutionally protected but preexisting right to keep & bear arms.

So don't attempt to lecture me about Airport Rights that don't even exist Mr Thompson. Talk to me about the rights of we the people, and start doing the job of upholding the constitution you swore to protect when you accepted your office as a representative of the people!

Call Mr. Thompson's office yourself & let him know what you think about this critical issue: 202-225-5876

More from Sebastian.

Update 1: More from the NRA-ILA. Contact the TSA to let them know what you think about them considering the request to allow airports to ban guns outside of the secure areas.


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