Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don Myers: No Safe Places

CCW instructor Don Myers wrote about a tragedy where a couple of young musicians were killed for $2.00 on the one day that for an unknown reason Steve (one of the two victims) had decided to leave his home unarmed. The article is titled No Safe Places:

. . . I waited my turn to give condolences to Steve’s mother. Then as I approached her, she said in a voice that was a mixture of crying and disbelief, “Don, Steve didn’t have his gun! He always carries his gun! When he comes to my house, he has his gun on him under his shirt. He doesn’t go anywhere without his gun! Don, he didn’t have his gun! In fact, when the police were telling me about the shooting, I asked them where Steve’s gun was. They said that they had not found his gun so I told them that the criminals have it. Later, we found it at his home.”

I was sick. The tragedy was bad enough, but for him to be killed on one of the few nights where he had forgotten to take his gun seemed to rub salt into the wounds of those of us who cared for him . . .

Update 1: More details on the crime here from Xavier, including an interview of one of the cold blooded killers.

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