Thursday, December 4, 2008

Joe McNally Wants a Ban on Street Sweepers

Joe McNally is in favor of banning the manufacture & sale of street sweepers. Not sure what happened to him. Perhaps a traumatic experience when he was young? Did he nearly get run over by a Street Sweeper while walking to school? Or perhaps his mom accidentally dropped him on his head too many times?

Since most gun owners never shoot anybody, I naively believed a majority might one day understand the wisdom of restricting military-style street sweepers . . .

A surprising number of e-mails vehemently argued that automatic weapons of mass destruction were precisely the guns Americans needed most so that citizens could shoot their own government . . .
Yet another person to add to the list of those too lazy to find out that the Bill Clinton gun ban did not touch fully automatic rifles which are already heavily restricted & regulated by federal law. The expired Bill Clinton gun ban that Obama wants to expand & reintroduce only affects semi-auto weapons with 2 or more cosmetic features that he does not like.

First they'll start out with guns that are too black. Then they'll go for rifles that shoot too far or shoot bullets that are too big. Next will be guns that are too small. It's like Goldie Locks on steroids, no gun is just right for her. Nothing short of a comprehensive gun ban will make the gun grabbers happy, but they understand that they need to divide in order to conquer. Don't fall for it.


Bob G. said...

Those gun-grabbers are welcome to try and take mine...MUZZLE FIRST (with my finger on the trigger).
(pull harder boys, it didn't go off YET...use BOTH hands)

As for McNally.... he needs to move to Frisco with the REST of the loons...ASAP!

(Trench Brooms R Us)

Anonymous said...

We need to keep the losers fighting to take our guns, out of sight and out of mind. We aren't the problem.

Justin said...

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