Thursday, December 11, 2008

Influencing My Relatives

Last year while visiting my wife's family up in Washington I took my Sister-in-law and a couple of her boys to the gun range to shoot my AR-15 - they loved it & now have an AR-15 on their want list. Since then I've taken others to the gun range to let them shoot my AR-15, including my Father-in-law. When he first found out about my AR-15, he didn't understand why anyone would want to own one. After he tried it out himself he realized how much fun he had been missing out on. Guess what he is getting himself for Christmas this year? That's right, he has a brand new Bushmaster AR-15 on a 3 month lay-away plan.

In addition to his initial curiosity about my AR-15, my father-in-law had not understood why I have my CCW permit & carry my gun around with me. We had several very cordial conversations on the topic & I guess he must have liked some of my arguments. Recently he applied for a CCW permit & bought himself a Kimber 1911 Ultra Crimson Carry II (a very nice gun, I've already had the opportunity to shoot it myself several times at the range). He told me that in the past he had never given the idea of concealed carry much thought, but after our conversations & thinking about the idea it started to make sense to him. He decided that he'd rather have a gun & never need it, than need it under a dire situation and not have it. It's much better to have more options than you need, than to suddenly find yourself cornered with no options at all. He thinks of it as a fire extinguisher that works against thugs rather than fires. I couldn't agree more.


Anonymous said...

This is a classic example of why I love your blog, bro. After meeting you at GRPC I can really imagine you winning everybody over. Great entry, and a lot of fun to read.

I keep working on my Dad, but progress is slow. He has a CCW permit, and a nice SP-101 (it ought to be nice, it was mine!), but he just won't carry. He still wants the permit and the gun- he just won't carry.


Dustin said...

Thanks Eric. Yeah it sounds like he's in phase one of acceptance - he recognizes that it is a good thing and he wants to maintain the option to carry whenever he wants to, but he still thinks he'll be able to tell what day he'll actually need it. You & I recognize that bad things can happen when & where you least expect them so we just always carry to make it easy.

I'd hate to be the person that thinks he won't need his gun today so he walks out the door without it, and suddenly finds himself in great need of one. I'd sure be kicking myself, wishing I had it with me, but it could easily be too late to learn that vital lesson if it turns out to be my last.

Don't loose faith though, he may yet come around. :)

Bob G. said...

Glad to see another person (Dad in law) has seen the light (or was that a muzzle flash?).
My dad-in-
law was a Philly PD officer - no prodding needed...LOL

There is hope for this world yet.

Nice post.


Dustin said...

Yes, if anyone knows the value of having a gun with you it's a Police Officer. They don't carry it around as decoration, they know it has great value as a tool.

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