Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Prescription Palm Pistol

An interesting singe shot 9mm Palm Pistol concept for people with medical disabilities in their hands.

  • One 9mm hollow point bullet: $1.25
  • One 9mm Single Shot Palm Pistol: $300.00
  • The look on your doctor's face when you ask for a prescription to buy a pistol: Priceless
The FDA has already classified it as a Class 1 Medical device. Currently waiting for approval from Medicare/Medicaid to register it as a piece of Durable Medical Equipment.

H/T to Gene of MedGadget.


Monogenes said...

Defending is a lot different than taking :). I'm reminded of how many classes they have to re-teach driver's ed. I have a feeling some old people may simply 'forget' that it's a gun.

Bob G. said...

That is without a doubt...BRILLIANT!

Then again, (thinking like the enemy) I could get a doc to falsify or BS some prescription and "gets one of dem for da streets"...!
There's a Yang to every Yin (unfortunately).

But I do like the idea and the practicality of it for the seniors.

(getting up there myself)

Justin said...

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