Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Anti gun folks already calling Hunting Rifles Sniper Rifles

Just as I predicted, the anti gun folks are already saying that Hunting Rifles are similar to Sniper Rifles:

Louie Garcia, assistant special agent in charge, said the sniper rifle - similar to those used by hunters - was taken by agents from a car stopped southeast of Tucson over the weekend.
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Anonymous said...

I have corrected my young son that my Rem 870 w/scope for deer hunting is not a sniper rifle. After about the 5th time he said was I going hunting with my sniper rifle, I asked him why he thought it was a sniper rifle. He said it looked like a rifle (because of the scope) that his older brother used when he was playing a video game. Obviously Play Station, Xbox and Wii are not helping us when the fact that a simple shotgun is confused as a sniper rifle because of a scope.

I told my son that just because it had a scope did not mean it was a sniper rifle. I also told him that it was a shotgun not a rifle and explained to him the difference.

As with my son I beleive we need to correct wrong statements when we hear them, otherwise my Rem 870 and everyone elses will become a sniper rifle if it is not challenged and could be banned because whay would a good citizen need a sniper rifle, or scope.

Bruce W. Krafft said...

The only problem is, that it isn't "anti-gun folks" per se, but Government folks who are calling them that.

Dustin said...

Sometimes the government folks, especially officials from the ATF as was the case in this instance, are the most anti gun folks around. ATF officials commonly call AR-15's "high powered military style assault weapons" which is another anti-gun trick to try to fool people into incorrectly thinking that the AR-15 is a full auto assault rifle like military M-16 although that is far from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my names Ruth and im from the UK. I dont agree with banning guns in the USA completely, because you cannot compare America to Britain in that area as you are a much bigger country, with a different history that is built around the right to bare arms. As an outsider looking in, I think you have a long way to go to change the minds of the american people and improve the quality of life for so many individuals before gun control even comes into it. It is the minds of the people who are holding those guns that you need to change. The gung-ho mentality of so many, the disrespect for firearms so many hold.. the disrespect for LIFE so many hold.. that is a much harder thing to control. Much easier to take access to those guns away? the arguement continues.
Im undecided, but I think American liberty may well come at a price.

Dustin said...

Thanks for visiting Ruth. Liberty did come at a price - it was the blood of the patriots who fought for our liberty, and the blood of patriots who fight for the liberty of others.

It is impossible to take all the guns from criminals, just look in Washington DC where handguns were banned for 30 years yet Police continued to confiscate thousands of guns a year from the criminals who still had them. Governments who disarm their own citizens only disarm the law abiding. The criminals will ALWAYS be armed.

The only question to answer is whether you want to have the option to defend yourself if the criminals choose your home as their next target, or if you'd prefer to hand them in to your government, leaving only the Police & Criminals bearing weapons.

Anonymous said...

I would like to post my opinion, and this is the first blog I found. I believe in open mindedness, and the right to believe whatever you want. I also believe if you don't vote, don't complain about the outcome. Some people are saying it is too easy to get a gun, and therefore terrorists, drug dealers, etc. can get one and kill us all. To address this I would like to say you are the people who love our forefathers, well guess what our forefathers were armed to the teeth, they lived in a time with no taxes, and the barter system was bigger than money, so they couldn't just say take my taxes and pay this guy to defend me, they did it themselves. The people who want to make guns hard to get so be it, but when another country shows up and tries to take my family, and me, and you all are hiding in your basements complaining you tax dollars did not work, i want you to do one thing, say a prayer for me, leo. I'm not going to be the scared coward, I'm going to be the person using guns defending you. Just understand if this happens soon i will die young with pride going to ala, buddah, adonoi, god, etc. saying I defended what meant the most to me. You, you're gonig to die old asking yourself, what was it really all about?

irv said...

I'm not much of a gun person, but even I know that a 50 cal rifle used by hunters is almost certainly a single-shot, muzzle-loading, pre-civil-war black powder rifle. Not many hunters lug around a huge, heavy Barrett to kill bunnies.

Looks like this ATF guy just started yesterday, or has an agenda.

Anonymous said...

This is for the commenter from the UK. The gun crime problem in the US is primarily a Negro problem and a Hispanic problem. This issue is much less of a problem among Americans of European descent. Crime in general is proportional to the Negro and Hispanic population in a given area. You in the UK are starting to feel the effects of your own immigration policies that allow the importation of Negroes and others - along with the crime they bring. At least here in the US, we can still defend ourselves from the primarily Negro and Hispanic crime that is killing our country. Things were better when the US was more white.

Shadow6654 said...

to the one who said that the gun crime was better when the us was more white. thats b.s. White people are just as much to blame as negroes and hispanics. im white, and every day i see white gang members, white people who carry guns to make themselves look tough. its a problem that doesnt have the boundaries of colour so dont bring racial discrimination into this.

Dan said...

Ok, I may be only 13, but this doesn't mean you get to ignore me. I recently got a Savage Arms .243 cal hunting rifle, so i know what im talking about.

The idea of calling the AR15 a "high-powered, military-style assault rifle" is an act of misinformation. No offense, but to me, the 5.56 and the .223 aren't exactly "high-powered". If you don't believe me, take a look at the .243 cal. It's basically a .308 winchester cartridge with a tighter neck. Let me tell you, not a lot of recoil, but the fps is pretty shocking. AND, it's the smallest caliber that's legal for big game hunting.

I know it's pretty hard to relate big game to terrorists (or how about a bear), but if you think about it statistically, the 5.56 and the .223 aren't that massive. Hell, the 5.56 NATO (found in the M16, AUG, TAR21, etc) is smaller than a little .22 cal.

Anywho, about all this anti-gun politics. I think we all know what the 2nd Amendment CLEARLY states, but now our good ol' anti-firearm democrats try to twist things up. just read the damn amendment. You'll see what i mean.

Peace out, from Rochester Hills, Michigan!

Anonymous said...

5.56 and .223 are in fact the same round and are in fact .003 larger than a .22 cal.
The second amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting.
The Bill of Rights documents a list of inalienable rights of every American. The word "inalienable" means God Given and no man or court or government can alter, change or remove those rights. Since the right to protect one's self is an inalienable right given by God, the second amendment stands as it is read and applies to an individual citizens' right to arm himself in order to secure himself and his loved ones and his property from harm whether that harm comes from his neighbor or his Government.

Romilda Gareth said...


Linda Fairy said...

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