Friday, December 5, 2008

Excellent News From DOI

Excellent news from the Department of Interior on removing their loaded weapon ban in National Parks! The National Parks will now defer to the gun laws in the host State. It's about time! Another Gun Free Zone bites the dust! A copy of the final rules is available here. Effective date not yet listed, right now it just says effective date: [insert date of publication here]

Update 1: NRA Press Release. CCRKBA Press Release.


Anonymous said...

Shockingly, the Bradys are all up in arms about this. BCPGV President Paul Helmke says "We should not be making it easier for dangerous people to carry firearms in our parks."

News Flash: Dangerous people aren't stopped by words on a piece of paper; lawful citizens are. This will have zero effect on the "dangerous people".

Dustin said...

You are dead on Alex. The criminals are already armed. Someone willing to rape, murder, or assault, is willing to break a no loaded guns regulation. The only people who have been disarmed by the old policy were the defenseless victims.

Bob G. said...

Considering all the CRIME that's been going on IN our Nat'l Parks...I say:
"About damn time"!

Helmke wouldn't "get it", if he had to our pee out a boot with instructions written on the damn heel.

He's the mayor that allowed MY part of Ft. Wayne to get "ghetto-ized" (by ignoring it)...and the reason I now HAVE to own a gun...or two (no problem with that).

Paul can't figure out the whole criminals-steal/get-illegal-guns thing.
Sadly, doesn't look he's going to any time soon either.

You want to make it HARDER for DANGEROUS people to get guns? AWAY with those DANGEROUS PEOPLE.
Simple, huh?
So simple, a cavem...well, you get the idea.



Unknown said...

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