Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WI: When Seconds Count, Police are Minutes Away

Some people believe that they have no responsibility to prepare themselves to defend their home and family because the Police will always be there to protect them. However, when seconds count, the Police are minutes away (or 48 minutes away in the case of slain student Brittany Zimmerman). She dialed 911 but like many defenseless victims, the Police were unable to arrive in time to save her.

To add insult to injury, we don't know if she was defenseless because she chose to be so, or if it was because she was going to school in Wisconsin, one of only 2 States that officially deny the right to bear arms, not even bothering with illogically selective May Issue laws, much less Shall Issue laws or my absolute favorite, no government issued permit required states like Alaska & Vermont. Although open carry itself is not prohibited in Wisconsin, it is if you happen to be driving a vehicle. I guess the legislators in Wisconsin feel sensible law abiding folks will suddenly be driven to become irrational criminals once behind the wheel if they happen to be bearing arms. Perhaps such legislators are thinking of their own bad driving habits.


Bob G. said...

As much of a supporter of LEOs everywhere as I have been over these many years, I have ALWAYS said that in ANY situation, your FIRST, BEST DEFENSE is none other than YOURSELF!

Thanks for bearing this out and having my "six" with this post.


Justin said...

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