Tuesday, April 27, 2010

VA: Intruder Broke into the Wrong Home

An intruder broke into a home in Botetourt County, VA utilizing a wrought iron chair to smash through the sliding glass door late at night. The homeowner dialed 911, but had to use his shotgun to defend his wife & children before the Police were able to arrive. Thanks to the fact that he was prepared to defend his family they are all alive and well. The intruder on the other hand was called home to meet his maker, and will no longer be a drain on society.

When seconds count, the Police are minutes away. We should all be prepared to defend our families from those who would do them harm. It is a moral obligation those of us who are parents or spouses all have to those whom we love.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Hooray for him!

Just hope he doesn't get charged or anything... :(

Dustin said...

Yeah, from the article it looks like they're saying he'll be fine unless something strange turns up during the review of the evidence.

Bob G. said...

Another happy ending, courtesy of your friendly, neighborhood LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN.

YOU are always your FIRST, BEST DEFENSE.
(the police come along a bit later in second)

Remember that, folks.

Dustin said...

Well said Bob :)

BJ2U said...

wow....intruder is dead. when is deadly force appropriate, when is it not? what guides us in the decision making process. Its me belief in almost all these cases/scenarios deadly force can be avoided. Hitting/aiming low the leg could of been the target, blow it clean off for a souvenir for dude, let him retain the breath of life. How many rounds went in him? What kind of rounds?

Wish u the best of luck with the District Attorney and State Attorney General as they review your case.

Billie Jean Kanios

Dustin said...

Deadly force is appropriate any time your family is in danger from someone brazen enough to break into your own home.

Anyone willing to break into an occupied home is willing to do terrible and unspeakable things to the potential victims inside.

marko said...

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