Saturday, April 24, 2010

More People Free to Arm Themselves for Self Defense

I've recently discussed the new Arizona Constitutional Carry law with a number of people who have told me they had been reluctant in the past to apply for a CCW permit as they did not want to be on any government list of known gun owners. They have taken self defense training courses, and have studied the local laws, yet have been unable to conceal carry due to the fact that they did not have a CCW permit issued by the government. They are looking forward to enjoying their restored freedoms in the near future, and will soon join those of us who have already obtained CCW permits in being able to be armed for the defense of themselves and their families.

How many more people will be armed for their own defense after the new law takes effect? It is anybody's guess, but even if there are only two or three times as many people prepared to defend themselves it will be a very good thing for all of us due to the fact that more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens always equals less crime. I know one thing for certain: this new law will cause the criminals to wonder even more about who might be armed among their potential targets. I'm guessing some of the criminals will soon choose to move away from Arizona to a location where all of their victims are more likely to be defenseless.

Washington DC and Chicago are still favorites among armed thugs as both places are a smörgåsbord of defenseless potential victims walking around on the streets, disarmed by their own government which is unwilling to recognize constitutionally protected rights, including, but not limited to, our right to keep and bear arms. For those who are slow, like the children the signs in some neighborhoods warn us about, you know, the neighborhoods with the yellow signs that say "slow children at play," the definition of bear in this context is: "to hold or to carry."


Robocop said...

This post hits it on the mark. I have hopes that Texas will follow suit with Constitutional Carry.

Dustin said...

Yes I do too. I hope Texas can remove the restrictions on Open Carry as well. It seems rather odd that Texas forbids it.