Friday, April 16, 2010

AZ: Governor Brewer Signed Constitutional Carry!

It's official. Arizona joined Alaska & Vermont in recognizing the right to bear arms as protected by the Second Amendment this afternoon when Governor Brewer signed SB 1108 into law. Although you are still free to apply for an Arizona CCW permit to receive reciprocity in States that recognize it, you will no longer be required to ask the Arizona State Police for their permission to bear arms in defense of yourself and your families once this law takes effect this fall (on July 28, 2010), even if your gun happens to be covered by your shirt or jacket. The current legislative session is expected to end in the next few weeks, so this law should take effect sometime in late July or early August. Watch this post as I'll update it with the effective date once it is official (July 28, 2010).

This is a great day for freedom in Arizona. Here is a link to the press release from Governor Brewer. Be sure to send her a note to say thanks for supporting Freedom.

Update 5: The 49th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session Adjourned on Thursday, April 29, 2010. As a result, Constitutional Carry will take effect on Thursday, July 29, 2010


Anonymous said...

Excellent news indeed.

Dustin said...

Yes it is! :)

Unknown said...

Everyone should have the right to bear arms but there needs to be some accountability. The current CCW requirements are a joke. What's wrong with having people show some knowledge of gun safety and the slightest bit of proficiency with a firearm. That way we don't have idiots embarrassing those of us that do take the responsibility of carrying firearms seriously. I know bad guys carry concealed anyways but they can be arrested for it if they decide to be an idiot with their firearm.

If we are going to let every one carry concealed then it needs to be taught in our schools both safety and proficiency.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

The constitution doesn't mention carrying for personal safety or carrying concealed. It is the right of the State and the people of the state to defend themselves from the other states and the federal government, (because at the time all states were considered separate nations in a federation similar to the UN until the civil war when the states rights to secede were taken by the federal government).

True Constitutional Carry would mean an AZ state militia, well regulated, meaning professional and highly trained, and held to a strict code of conduct, should be consigned by the Governor. One that the federal government has no power over.

Thanks for the opportunity for a fringe thinker like myself to voice my opinion.

Dustin said...

Accountability will still exist even if we the people are no longer required to get "permission" from the Arizona State Police in the form of a permit. We will still be required to obey all laws - for example - one can't "wave their gun around" or otherwise "be an idiot with their firearm"

The constitution of Arizona actually DOES mention that the right to bear arms is for self defense: "The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired"

It does not specify concealed or open, specifically because the legislature decided NOT to specify open carry only. It was actually debated, and those who wanted to say only open carry would be protected were outnumbered by supporters of true freedom.

As for your mention of it being a "right of the state" - States don't have rights, they have powers that the people of the state grant to it. And your argument of the "whole" was thrown out by the Heller decision.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, and allowing me to answer your questions. :)

Robocop said...

Congrats to Arizona! Now if only Texas and the rest of the country would follow suit...

Dustin said...

Yes, I am hopeful that this freedom movement will spread like wildfire to the rest of the Country the same way shall issue concealed carry did.

hightechredneck said...


I can see your point and I do agree to a certain level. True "constitutional carry" would be open carry, everywhere. This is not always a good idea (drunk on the street, crime of opportunity at a c-store and so on), and most importantly people need training. and anyone can be arrested if they decide to be an idiot with a firearm. It definitely needs to be taught in schools (both long gun and handgun)

If it's not offered in a school for cheap(or free) then take a course. I keep telling my parents, wife (and ya, even COPS) that this new law does not remove the need for a permit, it simply provides the ability to carry in winter (with a coat on) and such, for those of us w/o our permits. I am taking the CCW class on the 26th and will be obtaining my permit. I have had ppl try to talk me out of obtaining my permit because "I don't need to now" but the problem with that statement lies in the fact that other states won't recognize our law (because its not theirs), I would have to dissarm everytime I go to a restaurant or enter a bank, and so on. I do have a lot of informal training, but I would like some formal as well. I am in support of this law however because as a person who has carried without a permit, and soon will carry with, I know how much of a pain in the butt it is without. No jacket (even a short body carhartt covers some of my 1911), no dress atire (nice evening out downtown with my wife), and so on. The classes are usually very expensive, and hard to do because of the ammount of time involved.

Ultimately it comes down to this,
(trained) armed ppl are safe ppl. This law gives Arizonians the ability to be armed (it is their responsibility and duty to get the training part).

marko said...

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