Thursday, April 8, 2010

AZ: Constitutional Carry Passed!

The Arizona House of Representatives passed SB 1108 Constitutional Carry this afternoon by a vote of 36 to 19 with 5 abstaining. This is great news for Freedom Lovers all across the US, and especially for those of us live in or visit Arizona.

Next stop, Governor Brewer's desk. Send her an e-mail and ask for her support.

More from the NRA-ILA.


Gun Nikhai said...

Well, its about time!
Congrats to AZ, keep them on the run.

*wave to Dustin* New gun blogger, love your blog, hope you don't mind if I link to you as a friend.

Robocop said...

Good news indeed!

Dustin said...

Good new! Governor Brewer signed Constitutional Carry into law!

Justin said...

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