Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Washington Times Editorial: The forgotten virtue of firearms

I just read a well stated editorial from the Washington Times on the forgotten virtue of firearms. It discusses the one-sided nature of the mainstream news as it relates to criminals using guns. If it bleeds it leads, leading to the primary focus of headline news being placed on stories of criminals attacking defenseless victims, while the vast majority of crimes stopped by law abiding gun owners don't lead the news as there was no blood involved - simply aiming a gun at the bad guy was enough to stop the attack in 98% of the cases of self defense. When self defense uses of a gun are reported and covered at all, they seldom go beyond a small story buried deep in the local news.

The Washington Times editorial also brings up the important fact that the vast majority of mass shootings have taken place in so-called gun free zones - places where criminals & sociopaths have the upper hand on victims rendered defenseless by bad policies or laws, places like Virginia Tech or the recent Fort Hood Terrorist Attack. Gun free zones are a failed progressive experiment based on the mistaken fallacy that criminals might obey a gun free zone sign. It is high time we stop treating our citizens like lab rats, it's time to end the gun free zone experiment.


Bob G. said...

That's one fantastic editorial...
Spot on with every word.
The only gun-free" zones we SHOULD have are areas that have GUN-FREE criminals...period!

Thanks for linking to it.

Dustin said...

So true! :)

Robbert said...

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