Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NH: Bad Solutions to Problems that Don't Exist

It is ludicrous to believe that the action of placing a gun free zone sign on a building could ever hope to prevent a criminal from breaking the law by walking past it and continuing on to far worse deeds. Protesters in NH agree.

We still need to get rid of a few victim rich zones here in our own State of Arizona, our Capitol buildings among them.


Unknown said...

Dustin, it's so frustrating how dumb some of these processes are. I read these words in disgust (with slight anger), so congrats to you for actually being able to write them without hitting your head against a wall.
As a protector of my family, I feel like AZ has so much room for improvement. Then I read stories like these and I am grateful that our state isn't quite as backwards as many others.
Keep up the good work!

Dustin said...

Yes I know exactly how you feel, I would have lots of bruises on my head if it were not for my ability to take it out on my keyboard instead of a wall. :)

Actually Arizona already has a gun free zone established at our State Senate & House buildings. Very infuriating. We need to get rid of these ridiculous gun free zones, especially in locations where there are no metal detectors & armed security to guard them. However, even armed security are not foolproof. A group of attackers or terrorists could easily take out a small number of security guards protecting a gun free zone, and would then find hundreds of helpless disarmed victims waiting inside.

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