Friday, January 15, 2010

AZCDL: 2010 Bills include Constitutional Carry

Update from Arizona Citizens Defense League:

AzCDL has been laying the groundwork for Constitutional Carry since we began: . In the last two legislative sessions we came very close. This year Senator Russell Pearce, along with 16 co-sponsors, filed SB 1102, and Representative Frank Antenori, along with 17 co-sponsors, filed HB 2347. Both bills have the following features:

- Eliminate the prohibition and penalties for adults carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.
- Include defensive display in the justification for deadly force (similar to HB 2015 & SB 1021).
- Allow CCW permit holders to carry in “non-secure” public buildings.
- Remove the unloaded firearm requirement when picking up and dropping off school students.
- Allow LEOSA certified retired Law Enforcement Officers to carry on school grounds.
- Require confiscated firearms to be sold rather than destroyed.
- Eliminate the training requirement to obtain a CCW permit.

We urge everyone to send a thank you note to Senator Pearce ( and Representative Antenori ( for introducing these bills. If your Senator and/or Representatives co-sponsored SB 1102 or HB 2347 please send them a thank you message. If they are not a co-sponsor, we urge you contact them and ask why not. You can find the co-sponsors of SB 1102 here: .
You can find the co-sponsors of HB 2347 here: .
You can find contact information for your legislators here: .

We are expecting a firestorm from the anti-rights zealots, so we will be asking your help to ensure the passage of SB 1102 & HB 2347 throughout this legislative session. Warm up your keyboards!

SB 1102 & HB 2437 aren’t the only important bills we’re expecting this year. For months, AzCDL has been working behind the scenes with pro-rights legislators on a number of paradigm shifting bills. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, other bills are still being filed. Senators have until February 1, 2010 to introduce bills and the deadline in the House is February 8, 2010. Along with Constitutional Carry, the following firearm related bills have been filed:

HB 2015 (Burges) – Adds defensive display of a firearm as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, the use of deadly physical force.

HB 2016 (Burges) – Allows out of state applicants whose rights have been restored to obtain a CCW permit under the same conditions as Arizona residents.

HB 2017 (Burges) – Clarifies that NRA instructors may teach the school gun safety courses.

HB 2041 (Kavanagh) – Adds school districts, charter schools, community colleges and state universities to the definition of political subdivisions where a law enforcement officer may carry a firearm.

HB 2201 (Lujan) – Creates a crime for firearm “Straw Purchases” made in Arizona. AzCDL opposes this bill.

HB 2271 (Ableser) – Increases the penalty for possessing a firearm at a post-secondary institution from a misdemeanor to a class 6 felony. AzCDL opposes this bill.

HB 2307 (Antenori) – Exempts firearms manufactured and sold in Arizona from Federal oversight.

HB 2406 (Antenori) – Clarifies the “no firearms” signage requirements for restaurants. Also changes the affirmative defense language to “not an offense.” Finally, it restores the requirement that a person “knows the possession of a firearm is prohibited” in an establishment.

HB 2543 (Gowan) – Strengthens state firearms preemption laws, adds firearms storage and reloading components to the list of things political subdivisions cannot regulate, and removes the prohibition on carrying a firearm in public parks without a CCW permit.

SB 1011 (Harper) – Allows college/university faculty members with CCW permits to possess a concealed firearm on campus.

SB 1015 (Harper) – Similar to HB 2406.

SB 1021 (Pearce) – Identical to HB 2015.

SB 1098 (Pearce) – Identical to HB 2307.

SB 1101 (Pearce) – Expands the list of law enforcement officers exempt from concealed weapons permit requirements.

As bills are filed, we will add them to our website: .

These alerts are a project of the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), an all volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization. Renew today!

AzCDL – Protecting Your Freedom

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