Thursday, January 28, 2010

AZ: Home Intruder Demanding Keys to Car Given Lead Instead

A suspect who robbed a carwash had his car break down while he was making his getaway. He ditched his car at an elementary school, causing the school to go into lockdown, and took off on foot into the nearby neighborhood. He broke into a home and demanded the keys to the car. Instead of keys, the homeowner gave him lead.

I love happy endings!

H/T to Shawn.


Bob G. said...

We had an incident here in Ft. Wayne, and in the past 2 days, I blogged about that.
ANOTHER "happy ending" there, too.

Gotta love our Constitution!

Remember, our FIRST BEST defense is NOT the is OURSELVES.

Stay safe.

Dustin said...

So very true! :)

Justin said...

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