Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pirates Attacked the Wrong Ship

If I were captain of a boat I wouldn't be caught dead out on the High Seas without at least my handgun & my AR-15.  It isn't the same as the full auto rifles the Pirates are using, but I'd wager that my semi-auto AR-15 and even my handgun is miles ahead of a measly old water hose that most of the ships these days are using as their only means of defense against Piracy.  It is no wonder Piracy is on the rise - with so many countries making it illegal to be armed for your own defense the Pirates are finding easy prey all over the place. 

1500 passengers & crew members of the Italian MSC Melody are thankful that Captain Ciro Pinto was smart enough to arm the security members of his crew with something other than a water hose, much to the surprise & dislike of the Pirates who recently attempted to take it hostage.  After realizing the crew was firing back, the Pirates quickly decided to go find easier prey.  I can only hope more captains out there will follow the example of Captain Ciro Pinto.  Piracy can only flourish while the Ocean is full of easy prey.  Don't be easy prey.  Be smart.  Be ARMED.


coolerhead said...

What I'm sick and tired of this the excuses that the waters off the Horn of Africa are so expansive that the Navies can't effectively patrol and protect merchant shipping. BS! It's called CONVOY! We did it in WWI and WWII to protect Atlantic shipping. We could sure do it in the shiping lanes off Africa. One destroyer per convoy would be more than enough to deter piracy. Add in some carrier-based air power. WOuld also need some decent rules of engagement. Let's see: firing on a merchant ship, displaying weapons (inconsistent with "fishing") or approaching within 500 meters of a merchant ship? Doen't sound too hard.

Justin said...

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