Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Proof that Gun Free Zones Disarm Victims, Not Criminals

John R Lott wrote a great article with yet more proof that Gun Free Zones disarm victims, not criminals: "Gun-Free Zones are a Magnet for Attacks like the tragedy in Binghamton"

If a criminal is unwilling to obey critical laws against criminal activities such as assault or murder, why would they bother to obey a gun free zone law?


Anonymous said...

That last question is the one we need to keep demanding answers to in order to overcome the hoplophobia in the Arizona Legislature. Making any public place a "gun free zone" is just asking for it.

Dustin said...

So very true.

Bob G. said...

Well, if criminals want to LIVE "by the gun", the LEAST all the rest of us can do is make sure they DIE "by the gun"...
And the sooner...the better.

After all, it IS domestic terrorism, however else people wish to paint it.

An armed society is STILL a more POLITE society...right?
I like to see more OPEN carry, myself.

Damn good article!