Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All She Wants to do is Tax Tax

Because today is the day many of us are forced to mail our checks to the IRS I thought this song about Senator Barbara Boxer would be appropriate for  my mood:

See you today at the Tea Party!


Charlie Foxtrot said...

My senator. And demonstrably one of the dumbest to ever sit in Washington.


Dustin said...

Sometimes it makes you wonder who votes for these people. :)

Anonymous said...

I am from California and Boxxer is a disgrace. The reason why Boxxer gets re-elected is because

1. Northern California is very liberal same can be said about Los Angeles so there is the huge part of her support.
2. The people who runn againts her in the past do not advertise on T.V

Same thing with Diann Frankinstin.
She is half Democract and half Repbulican which is why she gets re-elected all the time.

Anyways Dustin great website
I will be in AZ in three weeks
to honor God, Guns and Rock N Roll
The NRA Annual Meetings.

Dustin said...

Sweet - see you there!