Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phoenix Arizona Tea Party

I really enjoyed attending the Tea Party Protest here at our Phoenix Arizona State Capitol today. I don't know exactly how many people were there, but I know it was in the thousands and the entire area was PACKED with people who like myself are concerned about the out of control spending we've been seeing out of DC lately. Below are some photos I took of the event with my phone. Look for an update to this post later with audio I recorded while at the event.

Phoenix Arizona Tea Party 4/15/09

Update 1: Some video from the event:

Update 2: Video of some of the speakers at the event (I'll update this list as I find more)


Shawn said...

The news said 6,000 people showed up. 3TV called them "right wing extremists" like all the other media outlets. You should have heard CNN hissing about it. I especially liked when they read letters from e-mails about how they should have the FEDS arrest all the protestors and seize all their guns.

I didn't make it. I have no car and none of my family would take me. I remember my mom going "they all have jobs, they shouldn't be protesting, it's all bush's fault." That's what she does when people speak or organize against leftist politics.

It's hard being the only "right wing extremist" in a family of chicago liberals and socialists.

I heard the next one is June 15th, right?

State Senator Jack Harper said...

DPS did confiscate one guy's firearm that was legally open carrying. I asked the officer what statutory authority he had to do that and he backed down. I'll inquire more about it today.

State Senator Jack Harper

Fourth Republic said...

I'm glad you had a good turn out in Arizona. Here in Atlanta we had over 20,000, and sent a bold message to D.C. It was almost as bold of Gov. Rick Prry saying that Texas has a right to sucede from the Union. I have pictures on my blog.

Justin said...

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