Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seattle Mayor: Executive Order to Ban Guns

In response to a shooting, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels recently signed an executive order to ban guns at all city owned property. I guess he thinks that if the city places a sign on the wall banning guns, then criminals who plan to illegally shoot other people will not shoot them while on city property. Perhaps they will instead wait for them to leave the city property or perhaps they will use a knife instead.

I guess we just needed to make it illegal to possess a gun while illegally shooting people. That new executive order will save so many lives. Well not the lives of the now disarmed law abiding citizens, but just think of all the criminals who will now be able to work their evils in relative safety knowing their victims have all been disarmed by the Mayor?


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that the City of Seaattle is now assuming the liability for everyone on city property? One might also ask the mayor's office what additional security measures the city is taking now that they have disarmed their law abiding citizens.

Dustin said...

They should be held liable because it isn't if but rather when the now disarmed sheep will become victims. No additional security measures - simply making it easier for criminals to take advantage of the now disarmed sheep. Disarmed thanks to the Mayor & his idiotic executive order. Mayors, Governors, and Presidents have all taken the executive order way too far. We need to reign them in.

Justin said...

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