Tuesday, June 10, 2008

AZ: AZCDL Legislative Update

An Arizona Citizens Defense League legislative update:

SB 1070, the AzCDL-requested bill that makes it easier for lawful gun owners who have satisfactorily completed training to obtain a permit, or renew an expired one, was signed by the Governor on Tuesday, June 10, 2008.

SB 1070 makes changes to ARS 13-3112 regarding the process for obtaining a concealed weapons permit. It provides that if an applicant has adequate documentation that they satisfactorily completed the required firearms safety training, they have met the training requirement for a permit. Current law (ARS 13-3112.E.6) does not place any time limit on when a person must complete training. However, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) has established arbitrary dates for training validation. In 2007, DPS stated that training must occur within 12 months of an application. Prior to 2007, DPS set this period to be only 6 months. Once a person has obtained a permit, the initial training is good as long as a permit holder submits timely renewals. The language in SB 1070 recognizes that the training has no expiration date, and aligns the initial permit requirements with the permit renewal requirements.

When SB 1070 becomes law later this year, and you are one of the many gun owners who let their CCW permits expire because of the onerous pre-2006 renewal requirements (eliminated thanks to AzCDL requested bills), you will be able to renew your expired permit without having to start over, as long as you still have your expired permit or can show proof that you completed training within the last 5 years. The same law applies to those who took their CCW training within the last 5 years but never followed through to obtain a permit.

SB 1070 also codifies a DPS Administrative Rule that National Rifle Association (NRA) certified instructors meet the eligibility requirements for DPS certification. It allows that training can be conducted by NRA certified pistol and personal protection instructors, as well as DPS certified instructors.

Stay tuned! Information on these and other bills can be found at the AzCDL website: http://www.azcdl.org/html/legislation.html

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Anonymous said...

Good news for once. Yay.

Anonymous said...

does this new law change in anyway convicted felons who have thier rights restored.Im listing the qulification for the ccw

The department of public safety shall issue a permit to an applicant who meets all of the following conditions:

1. Is a resident of this state or a United States citizen.

2. Is twenty-one years of age or older.

3. Is not under indictment for and has not been convicted in any jurisdiction of a felony.

4. Does not suffer from mental illness and has not been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution

Dustin said...

No, but there is a different bill in consideration that will fix that if the governor signs it.

Justin said...

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