Friday, June 6, 2008

AZ: Family Alive & Well, Thanks to Homeowner & Rifle

A Phoenix Arizona homeowner, his wife, and two children are alive & well thanks to the fact that he was prepared with his rifle & took decisive action to defend his family when three thugs broke into his home. It's a good thing that he had an option other than simply 911 or we would probably be greeted with a grave headline indeed. Notice that the local CBS news article called the dead intruder a victim. I don't consider an intruder that broke down the front door with a couple of his thug friends & then broke into the bedroom where the family was sleeping a "victim" but maybe that's just me:

A Phoenix homeowner shot and killed a home invader who had kicked in the front door of the house and was attempting to break into the bedroom where he and his family were sleeping, Phoenix police said.

The victim died at the scene near 59th Avenue and Thomas Road, investigators said. The unidentified 38-year-old homeowner awoke and found the man was carrying a weapon, police said.

The resident pulled out a rifle and opened fire, killing the intruder, officers said. Police said they found the intruder's weapon by his body. The homeowner, his wife and two children were not injured.

Two other people who were with the intruder fled the scene, investigators said. The name of the victim has not yet been released. Police said the break-in occurred around 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

Update 1: Presumably in response to communications asking the news station to correct their article, they have corrected the mistake of calling the intruder a victim. He is now properly labeled intruder rather than victim throughout the article.


Anonymous said...

For being a journalist, they have no grasp of the English language. Similar to the assault/defense rifle difference where YOU, sir, used the correct terminology...

Dustin said...

Very true, or possibly even worse - they may have a grasp on the English language but are purposely choosing words that warp the meaning into their twisted version of the truth. Either way, it certainly is not good.

Mike W. said...

Looks like they edited the story. "victim" now reads "intruder."

Dustin said...

Thanks for the heads up - that is excellent news. :)