Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Reasons to Boycott Toronto Canada

I've previously mentioned the anti-gun Mayor David Miller of Toronto, Canada. I've also mentioned TorontoTheBad.com which is a website put up by Canadian Gun Owners asking anyone disgusted by Mayor Miller's tactics to boycott Toronto Canada & send them an e-mail letting them know WHY you will NOT be spending any of your tourist dollars in their anti-gun owner city.

After I sent an e-mail letting the Mayor & the Toronto City Council know that I will NOT be spending any money in their city as a result of their anti-gun owner rhetoric, I found out so much more by the responses I received! According to Toronto City Council Councilor Joe Mihevc & his executive assistant Sean Hill, they & other Canadians "overwhelmingly" endorse Obama (see below). The Councilor & his assistant also hold a considerable amount of contempt towards American Gun owners & Arizona Gun Owners in particular. Check out the below communications thread I had with them. My first e-mail was sent to the Mayor & all of the members of the Toronto City Council (# used to remove some identifying information):

To: mayor_miller@toronto.ca, councillor_pantalone@toronto.ca, councillor_carroll@toronto.ca, councillor_debaeremaeker@toronto.ca, councillor_fletcher@toronto.ca , councillor_kelly@toronto.ca, councillor_lindsay_luby@toronto.ca, councillor_mammoliti@toronto.ca, councillor_mcconnell@toronto.ca, councillor_mihevc@toronto.ca, councillor_moscoe@toronto.ca, councillor_rae@toronto.ca, toronto@torcvb.com, accesstoronto@toronto.ca, ceo@bot.com, chair@bot.com, hlipp@bot.com, ccosta@bot.com, gstone@bot.com, admin@showmetoronto.com
Date: Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 4:28 PM
Subject: I'm a gun toting yank who won't be spending money in Toronto!

Mayor Miller,

I am one of the millions of people that responsibly own firearms, who Adam Vaughan called a "Gun Toting Yank". I clearly understand that law abiding firearms owners are not welcome in the City of Toronto. As a result I have canceled my planned visit to Toronto with my family ## #. Instead I will take my money elsewhere. You can bet you won't be seeing myself, a so-called "Gun Toting Yank" or any of my friends or family in your gun hating city.

Dustin #####, Proud Gun Toting Yank!
7646 # ###### ##
Peoria, AZ #####
This was the first response I received from Councilor Joe Mihevc & his executive assistant Sean Hill via his councillor_mihevc@toronto.ca e-mail address:
From: Councillor Mihevc councillor_mihevc@toronto.ca
Date: Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 5:10 AM
Subject: Re: I'm a gun toting yank who won't be spending money in Toronto!

Mr. #####,
If the sole reason for not coming to Toronto from Arizona (and it is debatable that you were coming at all given the weak US dollar and high fuel and airfare costs) is that you cannot bring a concealed weapon to our City, then I think we as a City will have to live with that kind of consequence to a law that will reduce gun crimes in our City.
Sean Hill
Executive Assistant to Councillor Joe Mihevc
I don't know why he mentioned concealed weapons since I had never mentioned them. As I stated in my e-mail the boycott is because of the slander against law abiding gun owners. Here was my response to Councilor Joe Mihevc & his executive Assistant Sean Hill:
To: Councillor Mihevc councillor_mihevc@toronto.ca
Date: Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 8:25 AM
Subject: Re: I'm a gun toting yank who won't be spending money in Toronto!

Actually no, I am not yet impacted enough by the weak dollar to avoid vacations because I make what Obama would consider to be a a disgusting amount of annual income which if elected he would love to tax much more. If that happens then yes, I would probably vacation much less. Instead of 4 or 5 vacations every year I would probably only vacation once or twice.

Additionally, no, that was not the only reason I will no longer be heading to Toronto. It was also the complete disrespect for gun owners by the Mayor & Adam Vaughan. If you think not allowing law abiding gun owners to to have guns will somehow keep criminals from obtaining or keeping them then you have failed to learn from the mistakes of other cities & countries that have banned guns & only found that violent crime actually increased. When you disarm law abiding citizens, only the Government, the Police & the Criminals will have guns. Not exactly an ideal situation for the now defenseless law abiding citizens left at the mercy of the Criminal element you have just given the great advantage to. When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away. When defenseless families are Raped, Plundered, & Murdered as a DIRECT result of being disarmed by senseless laws, it will bring serious questions about any of the IMAGINED benefits of such a useless ban.
This was the response from Councilor Joe Mihevc & his executive Assistant Sean Hill:
From: Councillor Mihevc councillor_mihevc@toronto.ca
Date: Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 8:39 AM
Subject: Re: I'm a gun toting yank who won't be spending money in Toronto!

Well, Mr. #####, reasoning like that which you have articulated below (including your opinion on Mr. Obama - a candidate for a Party that Canadians overwhelmingly support), is why you are an American living in Arizona and not a Canadian.
Sean Hill
Executive Assistant to Councillor Mihevc
My response:
To: Councillor Mihevc councillor_mihevc@toronto.ca
Date: Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 8:43 AM
Subject: Re: I'm a gun toting yank who won't be spending money in Toronto!

No actually I'm an American because I was lucky enough to be born here. And your endorsement for Obama gives me that much more reason to fight against his election. Thanks for the heads up.
No further responses as of yet. I will update this post if I do receive anything further.


Anonymous said...

I am an ex-Canadian, now a U.S. citizen, and gun owner/CPL holder. Not all Canadians are like him, but love of socialism and the nanny state runs deep. The liberal mindset is an alien one; I don't understand it, whether in Democrats or (most) Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Dustin, I hope you will let me buy you a drink someday. I'll be at the NRA Annual (and maybe the SAF meeting this fall). So if not before ...

Dustin said...

Thanks. I'll be at both of those events as well. I'm looking forward to them :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a Canadian born US Citizen. I own and carry firearms in the US. I stored a my CCW pistol at the Canadian boarder, a prohibited firearm in Canada, let alone an actual evil gun, before entering Ontario and Toronto. But I'm the cause of murderous Canadians..

I was treated with the most respect you could imagine at the Canarian Boarder. professional, polite, respectful of the 2A. One stated, "well you have a right to guns in the USA..." in conversation while they were locking it up for me. Very Nice People.

Some people in Toronto on the other hand were quite negative, sheeply as all Cannuks but unusually anti-American with their Bush Comments. And when the topic of firearms came up, the responces might as well have been from Mayor millers public orifice. The indoctrinization of Canadians to a mindset that freedom and self reliance is lesser than socialist controls and rationing of resources has been working very well indeed.

I'll visit other parts of the great country of Canada, but not Toronto, and not any province that endorces this madness and America Hating. I'm just waiting to hear the Parlament yell "Death To America" as they do in many European countries.

Boycott Toronto!