Thursday, August 27, 2009

Security Alarms

I have a security alarm, but unlike the purpose alluded to in the current lineup of Brinks Home Security commercials, I don't have a security alarm to scare away intruders but rather to wake me up so I can grab my gun. If the security alarm ends up being enough to scare an intruder away that would be icing on the cake, but I'm not willing to bet the lives of my children on that alone.

Speaking of Security Systems, what do you think of this yard sign?


MaddMedic said...

I would have to agree with you on both points!!!
I prefer the dog and my readily accessible Mr Winchester 1300 or Mr Kahr and his buddies!!
Although I am sure we are denying these poor criminals of their opportunities!!

Anonymous said...

Dustin, here's the way the commercial SHOULD end!

AJ in NJ

3Dogs said...

Where can I get a sign like this.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm. Six shots center of mass -- there should be three in the head.

Dustin said...

Excellent points everyone. :)

3Dogs: Actually someone just sent me the photo via e-mail. It may be a photoshop job, it would be a way cool sign though, and certainly gets the point across. :)

ExurbanKevin said...

I have both.

While I rely on more active security measures, my wife likes the alarm system. I'd much prefer it if she relied more on a the front sight and hollow points, but an alarm system really helps me to be in Condition White at home.

Another added benefit is the alarm sign out front, which tells the crooks out there that my home is a much harder nut to crack than the house next door.

An alarm system won't deter someone intent on doing my family and only my family harm: I have my sidearm and long arms for instances like that. But it will deter the random attacker and encourage him to go somewhere else.

Besides, it also serves as a burglar/fire/smoke alarm when we're out of the house, something all my firearms combined can't do. :)

Dustin said...

Very true. The Security alarm & sign out front go hand in hand with the guns we have in the home. They make a great team. :)

ExurbanKevin said...

Plus a sign like that (whilst very funny) also screams "Hey! I have guns in the house! Wait 'til I'm out and c'mom in and take them!"

I'd rather not tip off any miscreants to such things. Yes, we have an alarm sign out in the front yard, but so do a half-dozen of our neighbors. There's no NRA stickers on my car and I don't wear any gun-related shirts out in public. I want the first indication that I have a gun to be a muzzle flash and a rather loud bang.

On a semi-related note, the other day I was wearing a t-shirt from Eric Shelton's Handgun Podcast that has large Glock on the front of it (about the closest I'll ever come to owning a Glock, but that's not important right now :) ) and I answered the door.

It was a door-to-door salesman for pest control. Now normally, such salesman are as hard to rid of as any other insect, but he took one look at my shirt and left right after my first "No, thank you", proving that yes, handguns really are a deterrence. :)

Dustin said...

That's definitely a nice fringe benefit. I imagine opening the door while open carrying would be effective as well. :)