Monday, June 29, 2009

AZCDL Legislative Update


Today (6/29/09) SB 1168, the Senate bill containing the “strike everything” amendment substituting the language of HB 2474, cleared the last hurdle in the Legislature by passing the Senate Final Read by a vote of 18-9 with 3 not voting. From here, SB 1168 will be transmitted to the Governor, probably within the next couple of days. SB 1168 prevents any private or public employer, property owner, etc., from banning any person from keeping a firearm in a locked vehicle in a parking area on the property, with specific limited exceptions. Since SB 1168 has passed the Legislature, HB 2474 is effectively dead. It passed in the House and made it through Senate committees but has not been scheduled for a Senate Committee of the Whole (COW) debate and vote.

Also today, SB 1113 (Restaurant Carry) and SB 1243 (Defensive Display) passed out of the House COW. Both need to pass a House Third Read vote (possible tonight). Since the language in SB 1243 has remained unchanged, after it passes the House Third Read it will be transmitted to the Senate where it will be sent to the Governor. Unfortunately, since SB 1113 was amended in the House, it will need concurrence votes and then a Final Read vote in the Senate.

HB 2439, the AzCDL-requested CCW training reform bill that now includes Petty Offense and Defensive Display language, is on the agenda for tonight’s Senate Third Read. It is unlikely that the Senate will finish their Third Read agenda tonight. Once HB 2439 passes out of the Senate Third Read it goes back to the house for concurrence and Final Read votes before being transmitted to the Governor.

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Anonymous said...

Bills will be flying though the legislature this week.

Did you hear the House locked its doors so they could go home and get some sleep? Poor babies.

Justin said...

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