Monday, June 15, 2009

AZ: AZCDL Legislative Update

AZCDL Legislative Update:

The Senate continues with its accelerated schedule and voted on SB 1113 (Restaurant Carry) and SB 1243 (Defensive Display) in today’s (June 15, 2009) Third Read after passing them out of the Senate Committee of the Whole (COW) just last Friday (June 12, 2009).

Unfortunately, SB 1113, which limited the carrying of concealed weapons in certain restaurants serving alcohol to CCW permit holders, providing signs are not posted forbidding firearms and the person possessing the firearm does not consume alcohol, failed by a tie vote of 14-14 with two Senators not voting. One of the Senators not voting was Republican Senator John Nelson, a supporter of SB 1113, who was unable to be at this session due to a family emergency. Unfortunately, a number of Senators who indicated to AzCDL that they supported SB 1113 voted against it on the Senate Floor. However, there is still hope for SB 1113. Senator Harper, the sponsor of SB 1113, seeing how the vote was going, switched his vote to "Nay" which will enable Senator Harper to ask for a reconsideration vote so that SB 1113 can be voted on again in an upcoming Third Read, probably tomorrow, June 16, 2009. You can see how each Senator voted here: .

SB 1243, the AzCDL-requested bill that clarifies when a defensive display is justified, sailed through today’s Senate Third Read by a vote of 21-7 with 2 not voting. Vote details are here: . From here, SB 1243 will be transmitted to the House where the process starts all over again.

Stay tuned! When critical legislation moves, we will notify you via these Alerts.

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Update 1: SB 1113 passed on Tuesday June 16! Next step is the House.


Anonymous said...

Tibshraeny voted "no"? I never did like that guy.

Eric R. Shelton said...

I called Tibshraeny's office and let him know that I wasn't a constituent, but his vote was affecting me and I wasn't happy. I didn't check if he was one who switched his vote or not. Now that we have restaurant carry- when does it become effective?

Anonymous said...

I also emailed Mr. Tibshraeny and expressed my feelings about his no vote. Obviously he didn't get the message as he voted no again.

Justin said...

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