Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday at the NRA Convention

Saturday was a lot of fun.  I took a couple of my boys along with me & we explored the NRA Exhibition floor which took most of the day, even though we only stopped to look more closely at the items of most interest to us.  I think we would have needed at least a week to get a detailed look at everything that caught our eye.

While there we found Cam Edwards at the booth & I introduced my boys to him.  Cam had a brief chat with both of them which they enjoyed greatly.  Thanks Cam!  We also wandered into a Cowboy Fast Draw booth being run by members of the Arizona Cowboy Shooters Association where we tried our hand at fast draw action which was loads of fun for the three of us.

Later in the day we took a break from the Exhibit floor to check out the NRA Air Rifle Range.  While we were there Pyramyd Air did a demo of the Shin Sung Dragon Slayer .50 Cal Air Rifle which was fun to watch.  They blew up some apples and a small 2x4 plank of wood.  After the demo my boys had a great time shooting air rifles - both were excellent shots.

Another high point in the day for us was heading over to the Tactical Solutions booth to get autographed copies of Trail Safe - Michael Bane's latest book.  My boys were very excited to meet Michael Bane in person & get his autographed book as they love watching his TV shows with me.

After heading home to rest a bit I went to watch John Stossel & Oliver North speak at the NRA American Values Banquet.  With about 6,300 people served dinner it was the largest dinner ever held anywhere in the State of Arizona.  While waiting for the speeches to begin I had a nice conversation with Mark Anderson who was there to report on the dinner for The American Free Press.  We talked about everything from the 2nd & 1st Amendments in the Bill of Rights to the shortcomings of the Lamestream Media.

John Stossel & Oliver North delivered excellent speeches.  You'll want to listen to them once they become available in the Archive of  I was the only blogger who watched the event from the raised Media platform, so although I missed out on the food I did enjoy a great view of the entire room:

Overall it was another great day.  I'm looking forward to the next NRA Annual Meeting, hopefully I'll be able to go!

PS: I send out many thanks to Bitter for organizing the Blog Bash & to the NRA , Cam Edwards, and Michael Bane for catering to New Media!


Bob G. said...

Man, that get together sounded great.

Pyramid Air has some great stuff and fantastic customer service. If you'e NOT on their mailing lsit, get on it.

Now you know why guys like ME envy guys like!

YOU get to have all the fun.

Anonymous said...


It was great meeting you and your boys. Best of luck and keep up the good fight.

Keith & Ellen

Dustin said...

Bob: Sorry to hear you were not able to make it down this year. Next year it will be a shorter drive for you. :)

Keith: Thanks, it was nice meeting you two on the expo floor. :)

Anonymous said...

That was a great convention! We were there with some Bushnell reps getting people to join there new facebook page. You guys should all join!

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