Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon & Council EAT $152,000.00 (in free food)

Like many other cities Phoenix Arizona is going through tough times with budget cuts & layoffs so you'd think the free food for Mayor Phil Gordon & Council members would be among the first things knocked off of the plate.  Apparently not:

. . . Over the last three years, members of the Phoenix City Council have spent more than $152,000 on food and catering.

Council members have spent thousands at Tom's Tavern, the Downtown Deli, and Paradise Bakery.

"We all get a paycheck," Phoenix resident Justin Evans said. "We all have to pay for our own food. Why can't they?" . . .

The ABC15 Investigators also found that Mayor Phil Gordon's personal membership to the State Bar of Arizona is paid for by the taxpayers.

The mayor declined our repeated requests for an on-camera interview and refused to answer questions at a recent Phoenix City Council meeting . . .

I knew there would be more than one or two reasons not to like Mayor Phil Gordon.


Bob G. said...

Send 'em all to "Sheriff Joe" for some FREE bologna sandwiches (and pink jumpsuits)!!
(just a thought)

Dustin said...

Excellent idea. :)

Ares Vista said...

Ha! I think we would all agree with you, Bob G.! Unbelievable.