Tuesday, May 5, 2009

M1A Forum & Rifle Scope Contest

Jerry of M1ARifles has provided my readers with a special opportunity to get a head start on a contest he will be announcing this weekend which is intended to increase the size of his M1A Online Forum.  The first contest will officially be announced this Saturday on the 9th of May, but readers of this post will get a head start with the contest starting today on the 5th of May.  The contest will end on Saturday May 23rd.  Below are the contest details for those who wish to participate:

1. Discuss this contest on your blog or on any online forum of your choice. It doesn't have to be a long post, but the post must include a link to this post and the start/end date of the contest.
2. Once the post is finished, the contestant must contact Jerry using his contact page with the message "rifle scope contest" - be sure to include the link to your post about the contest in the message. 
3. Register as a user at the M1A forum.
4. Participate in the forums.  All posts must be quality posts and not just junk posts.

The person with the most posts in the forum by the end of the contest period wins!
**Attention** Make sure all registration and emails are valid! Use the same e-mail address for step 2 (contact) & step 3 (registration).  The winner will be contacted via that email address.


Mirah said...
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Unknown said...

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Dustin said...

Removed comment by Mirah per request by N3BUO.

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