Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TN: Kindergartner with Toy Gun in Backpack Expelled For 1 YEAR

A Kindergartner with a Toy Gun found in his backpack was expelled for a YEAR! The idiocy of zero tolerance (with zero thought) policies is insane. The leadership involved in this foolish decision should be expelled for a year, not the kindergartner!

More from Terry Frank & Worldnet Daily.


Anonymous said...

Home schooling provides a better education anyway.

Dustin said...

Very good point. The kindergartner will probably advance 2 or 3 grade levels during the 1 year he is home schooled.

Unknown said...

True words, Dustin. When I was in Jr High I was suspended for a week for defending myself when attacked in the hallway by two bullies, due to the school's "no tolerance" policies on violence. Not as bad as getting expelled, but it still pissed off my mom enough that she took me out of the public system and homeschooled me up til the start of 11th grade, at which point I was so far ahead of my fellow students I could easily have graduated right then and there if not for my deficiencies in math, which has been a problem for me all my life. My brain doesn't like numbers.

For the record: I still got my ass kicked, but at least I chose to go down fighting instead of curling up and taking it, as the school administrators would have preferred.

Robocop said...

Another vote for home schooling.

Bob G. said...

Expelled for a bloody YEAR?

The "nuts & bolts" of this is painfully evident:

The "toy gun" is NOT a "weapon", but a device of possible intimidation...that's IT!
A weapon would be like if the kid brought a BOWIE KNIFE to class...

Hell, when I was in school, I wanted to show my buddy the throwing knife I got, so I took it to 1st period (before the teacher got in), tossed it at the back corkboard, where it stuck fast like a dream.
It was then I heard the teacher say "Would you be so kind as to please bring that to me?
...You will get that back at the end of the year, Mr. G___".
(damn he was quiet)
NEVER DID go back to get it...too damn embarrassed.

And NO other punishment...from ANYONE at the school.

Ah, but that was back in the 1960s.
...when public schools MEANT something more than today, like real education.
All ancient history now, eh?


Dustin said...

Cory: yeah that is another dumb policy the schools have. My son was given a warning by the Principle for defending his friend from a bully. He was treated by the Principle the same way the bully was. I took him out to ice cream as a reward :)

BG: Yeah I was looking at my HS yearbook recently & saw a photo of a few boys walking on campus with shotguns as part of their costume on spirit day yet there were no campus shootings back then. If that happened today they'd call out the SWAT team! Too much Ritalin.

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