Monday, November 17, 2008

Gun Sales Up: 48% jump in background checks

Last week the number of instant background checks requested nationwide for gun sales jumped 48% over the same period the year prior.

Yesterday on Gun Talk Radio Tom Gresham interviewed Pete Brownell of who reported that earlier this year they had several months worth of standard capacity 30 round AR-15 magazines on reserve in their inventory. Now their reserve inventory is all sold out, and they have added extra shifts to their manufacturing plant to increase production to the current rate of making 1,500 magazines per day which are essentially all being sold the second they come off the assembly line. Even with the increase in production they're still unable to meet the current demand for the magazines. In fact, as I'm writing this they currently show them as being out of stock. I'm sure other magazine manufacturers are seeing similar results.

Update 1: More news.

Update 2: CCW Permit Applications Up in Spokane WA.


kpyrpwdrdry said...

You know, the biggest gunshop in Kentucky (about 6000 guns in stock) is about an hour from my house and I was talking to a guy that does his out of state transfers and apparenty the Saturday after the election they sold 168 handguns in ONE day. That doesn't include the longuns.

I am thinking that this may open up a used market in a couple years when folks start dumping all they bought. I know I wish when I bought a bunch of AR mags at $8.95 a piece I would have got a bunch more!!! The problem isn't the price today--it is that you can't find them!

Dustin said...

Very true, if a new ban on the manufacture & sale of select semi-automatic weapons & standard capacity magazines were to be enacted there will be a used market for such things, and we can expect the used prices to be much higher than today's new prices, typical of a situation with a fixed & decaying supply in combination with a growing demand. A good example is the current used market for full auto machine guns which cost much more than new guns would if it was not currently impossible to register new machine guns for non military use due to current federal law. Due to that it has artificially made the cost of buying used full auto machine guns prohibitively expensive for most people. The only thing I can't figure out is why the Democrats who passed that unconstitutional legislation only want rich people to own machine guns. I thought they were supposed to be supportive of the poor?

Bob G. said...

Maybe they (the DEMS) dont want the POOR to "own" guns, but rather STEAL them (from the rich)???

It could work.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Greetings fella's from a chilly Virginia ...

Forgive the intrusion but cruised onto your blog from somewhere and you appear to have a really nice site .

I knew gun/ammo sales went up but like to see all these figures in print . Folks know something big is heading down the road and picking up steam .

I could suggest a few sites to check for stuff but yall are probably already plugged in . I've been stocking up for a while also ,
some of us clearly understood where we were heading years ago .

But what of the day when such tools (and their accessories) for our survival are deemed illegal ... it's always been incremental . Only a matter of time before we too must cross that bridge of decision .

Might I have your permission to copy and post this article ?

Take care and remember , the equipping of our minds equally determines the outcome .

Dustin said...

Thanks Jeff, yes that would be fine. All I request in return is a link back to my original post.

Yes it is important that we all stand together in defense of all arms. The anti's will try to divide & conquer by going after one segment of the guns at a time, such as re-enacting the Clinton Gun Ban in hopes some gun owners will say "That's ok, I don't need that particular model of gun right now anyway" - if we don't all hang together we'll most assuredly all hang separately. :)

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