Wednesday, November 19, 2008

National Ammo Day

Don't forget that today is National Ammo Day which marks the beginning of National Ammo Week. It's rather difficult to get your hands on ammo these days due to the fact that Obama is the most anti gun President Elect our Nation has ever had, but if you can get your hands on some, be sure to do so. I picked up a few hundred more rounds of 12 gauge shotgun shells today to add to my growing stockpile. If stored properly in a dry location ammunition lasts forever & it's best to get as much as you can now before Obama has a chance to raise the ammo & gun excise taxes that he eventually HOPES to.

The fact that we are now buying guns & ammo in record numbers should not be considered by the enemies of freedom as an indication that freedom loving people have given up. We WILL fight the anti gun legislation that Obama has HOPE of enacting, but it is better to be safe than sorry. It is better to have the ammunition and guns now before we need them, than to need them at a future date & not be able to get our hands on them.

As always, be sure that all of your friends join us in our fight. Now more than ever we need to have strength in our numbers. As one example, if the NRA were to go in representing 8 or 12 Million members rather than only 4 Million, imagine the added trepidation they could inspire in any anti freedom legislator who were to dare to back a gun ban or a radical increase in gun & ammo excise taxes (currently already at 10-11% built into the sale price before you add sales tax). Surely your freedoms are worth at least a $10 associate NRA membership. You can hardly even buy a box of ammo for $10 these days.

If you're already a member of your favorite gun rights groups, join another, or buy a membership as a Christmas gift for a friend. Last Christmas I bought a bunch of $15 youth Junior NRA memberships for my nephews & nieces. They LOVED it - it was a gift that kept on giving all year long (not to be confused with The Jelly of the Month Club) as they received their monthly NRA Insights magazines. Most of their other gifts are already long since lost or broken, but not their NRA membership. If we all manage to get only 2 people to join the national & local gun rights groups of our choosing, we could triple the membership numbers in each of the respective gun rights organizations.

Like many of you, Obama & his National Police Force can take my guns & ammo from my cold dead hands. But I'd rather contribute to the fight now so that it doesn't ever to come to that.

H/T to Mark for the link to the photo from Leyinglo.


Bob G. said...

Love the photo!
...and I'm asking the missus for an associate NRA membership as a stocking stuffer.
MY freedom IS worth it.

Off to Dicks Sporting me some AMMO to buy.

Support the "buycott" of!


Dustin said...

Excellent news, I'm glad to hear that Bob :)

Anonymous said...

I,m going to get that one put on a T-shirt

Dustin said...

Good idea Eric!

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