Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We are the NRA, and We are Watching!

Sebastian has the scoop on an NRA member who was allegedly a secret super spy gaining access to the highest levels of multiple anti gun groups allowing her to obtain super secret details about their anti-gun methodology & trickery.

This should be a warning to the Brady group & other anti gun organizations with benign sounding sly names such as the Violence Policy Center that purport to be against violence but actually seek to take away our guns. As is widely reported even by our enemies, the NRA really is a huge powerful lobby made powerful because of its grass roots support by millions of individual NRA members throughout America who share the single minded goal of protecting our right to keep & bear arms. You never know when one of us is secretly listening in on one of your super secret meetings where you make your plans on how best to lie to & confuse the general public. Trying to convince people that a 3 shot bird gun is a super scary weapon comes to mind as a recent example of your trickery. We are the NRA, we are WATCHING, we are LISTENING. Beware, and behave.

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Dick Baker said...

I've been keeping tabs on various anti-gun groups over the years by signing up for their direct mail as well as emails.

One thing I've found to be fascinating is to get the tax returns for the "non-proft" arms of these groups. There's a lot of money to be made in being an anti-gun "leader."

For example, I got the 2001 tax returns for an anti-gun group here in Wisconsin. At that time there was only one full-time employee of the group. The group had over half a million dollars in the bank, and the head of the group was paid about $53,000 plus pension, health insurance, travel, car and just about every other benefit you can imagine.

In November of 2007, the group received a $650,000 grant from the Joyce Foundation!

The beauty of the anti-gunners' scams is that liberals love to throw money at problems. Whether it's welfare or violence, their solution is to throw money at it. So running an anti-gun group is practically a license to print money.

I don't know of any state-level pro-gun group with that kind of money.

Also, anti-gunners don't have to work too hard. They already have a media ready to print whatever they say, whereas we have to struggle to get our message out.

All of the above makes our jobs much tougher.

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Dustin said...

Great observations, very true.

Dick Baker said...

Dustin, it's not just that the anti's have the finances and the media behind them, but also that the media is willing to accept bogus numbers and studies.

You mentioned the Violence Policy Center in your article. The VPC massages numbers so shamelessly that even some anti-gun groups don't use their "studies." Yet the media does.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel once ran an editorial that cited VPC's bogus statistics. When I contacted the editor, told her I was the founder of the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association, and asked if I could be given a little extra column space to write a rebuttal, I was told that they don't publish articles from advocacy groups.

When I replied that their editorial was based upon statistics from an advocacy group known for massaging numbers, her reply was along the lines of, "well that's our perogative."

How do you fight that?


Dustin said...

Yes I know exactly what you mean. I can't count the number of letters to the editor I've sent in to various newspapers of ill repute yet none that I know of were ever published. I know they can't publish everything they get in, but sometimes it does seem a bit one sided with plenty of letters being published from the anti gun folks & comparatively few if any from the pro rights side. It was at least partially that type of negative experience that led me to decide to start my own blog - this way I get to publish everything I write. I allow people from all sides to comment on my entries to join in the debate, and as long as the posts are family friendly I respond but leave them up for all to see.

Dustin said...

I still send my letters into the papers, but also publish them on my blog. As a result I feel a bit better knowing that the time I took to draft the letter won't go completely to waste even if the newspaper editor tosses it into the trash bin. :)