Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DC Council: Blind, Batty or Both?

I don't know about you, but I have a pretty good idea of what a machine gun looks like & how it functions. Even my 6 year old son could easily tell you that a machine gun keeps on firing once you pull back the trigger until you let go or run out of ammunition, whichever comes first. Apparently DC leaders are a bit confused because they think most semiautomatic pistols qualify as "machine guns":

2. MPD will allow the registration of previously possessed handguns other than those that qualify as “machine guns” under District law (that is, all automatics and most semiautomatic pistols) for the next six months . . .
I have no idea where they get their semi automatic handguns that function like fully automatic machine guns but I wish they'd tell me because I'd like to get one for myself if it will fit within my budget. I always thought the folks running DC were quite a few cards short of a full deck but now they have removed all doubt. I guess when God was handing out the full decks they must have been away in a meeting trying to decide how best to infringe upon our natural born rights.

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John A said...

"Most" semi-auto guns? Do you know of a model which cannot POSSIBLY hold more than eleven? Note a magazine need not exist, it merely needs to be possible.

But in the proposed law even revolvers must have trigger locks or be in a locked safe, and must disassembled, until an immediate threat is present - so, when a crim has broken in, feel free to call 911, unlock the safe, take out the parts, assemble them, load the weapon, and defend yourself because this is how DC proposes to comply with the "immediate" availability issue raised by the Court: I am sure the perp will stand by while all this is going on, not like he wants to make YOU break the law by resisting in anything like a timely manner...

DC ST 7-2501.01 (formerly cited as C ST 1981 6-2302)

Christopher Boondoc said...

Didn't the Court address the trigger lock issue?
"The handgun ban and the trigger-lock requirement (as applied to
self-defense) violate the Second Amendment."
It is a good thing that the founding fathers were smart enough to realize that inalienable rights by definition must come from the Creator and not the government. When you take the Creator out of the picture, than government can give and take away rights at will.

Robocop said...

In my experience, there are not too many gun savvy libtards out there.