Wednesday, July 2, 2008

CNN Blunder

CNN Attempted to report the fact that on average 55% of gun deaths every year are actually suicides of people who decided to use a gun to end their own life rather than any of the other methods available to them.

Mitchell Blatt has the video of their blunder when they incorrectly stated that 55% of gun owners commit suicide with their gun. If it had been true that would have been very bad news indeed as that would have meant roughly 49.5 Million suicides by gun owners alone if you go off the estimate of 90 Million gun owners in the US (the number of gun owners could actually be much higher than 90 Million because the BATFE estimates that roughly half of US households have at least one gun, which would mean there are roughly 147 Million people who live in households that have guns). Ten minutes later they corrected their mistake, probably after their incoming phone lines were swamped with incoming calls from irate gun owners.

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