Thursday, November 15, 2007

Great Gun Free Zone editorial by Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman

A few of my favorite lines:

Remember the Tacoma Mall shooting of two years ago? How about Salt Lake City's Trolley Square shooting in February? Certainly nobody can claim ignorance of April's Virginia Tech massacre, or a string of public and private school shootings that dates back more than a dozen years. The common denominator in every one of these deplorable crimes is that all of them happened in gun-free zones . . . The misguided misanthropes who foster gun-free zones have a paranoid distrust of their fellow citizens that can only be a severe manifestation of social bigotry . . . all data to the contrary, these gun control fanatics hold fast to the perpetuation of gun-free zones as a symbol, when it is clear that such places are nothing more than risk-free environments for criminals and lunatics . . . The time to abolish gun-free zones is long overdue. Their only measurable result has been a body count of innocent victims; bloody statistics on the altar of political correctness.


Armed Citizen said...

My work is a gun-free zone. I can't even keep my gun in my Jeep. It is the place where I feel the unsafest. It's a shame that someone, with the right to carry, has to lay down his arms. If some wacko decides to "off" the office, then it looks like they just cost me my life!

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