Thursday, November 8, 2007

Carolyn McCarthy explaining what a barrel Shroud is

This is an oldie but goody - definitely very funny. I died laughing when I first saw it. Democrat Carolyn McCarthy doesn't know what a barrel shroud is even though guns with barrel shroud's would have been banned in legislation she sponsored this past Feb of 2007 called the "weapons ban & law enforcement protection act of 2007." When she was questioned about what a barrel shroud was or why it should be banned on an interview on NBC news she said:

I actually don't know what a barrel shroud is, I believe it's a shoulder thing that goes up.
Check it out for a good laugh:

What exactly does she have against a device that protects us from being burned? Does she own stock in some company that sells a burn relief cream or something?


Dustin said...

Since she was willing to sponsor a bill banning something when she did not even know what it was much less was she able to explain why it should have been banned, I'd hate to see the day when she decides to sponsor a ban on all uses of dihydrogen oxide. Sounds evil enough that she would probably sponsor it. She'd leave it to law enforcement to figure out where to place all the EVIL people who drink H2O every day (Water)!

She could go on the air & say that it turns out that almost EVERY single criminal who kills innocent victims & police consumed either pure dihydrogen oxide or some other liquid that contained large amounts of dihydrogen oxide within 24 hours of committing their atrocity! Ban dihydrogen oxide! It was not the criminal's fault after all!

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