Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Arizona Flag created for use at National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry

An interesting bit of trivia is that the Arizona State Flag was created at the request of the Arizona Rifle Team (representing the Arizona National Guard) when they noticed that they were the only team at the Camp Perry National Rifle Matches in 1910 that did not have a flag.

The captain of the Arizona Rifle Team, Arizona National Guard Colonel Charles Wilfred Harris, designed the flag with assistance from Carl Hayden. Carl Hayden's wife Nan D. Hayden, sewed the first flag together which was carried to the 1911 National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry by the Arizona Rifle Team.

The Liberty Blue bottom is the same Liberty Blue used in the US flag. The red rays of the sun are the same red used in the US flag. The 13 yellow & red sun rays represent the original 13 colonies as well as the spectacular sunsets that Arizona is famous for. The large rising Copper Star represents the fact that Arizona produced more copper than any other State in the Nation.

Arizona became a State in the Union on Feb 14th, 1912, and the official version of the Arizona State Flag was adopted by the Arizona State Legislature on Feb 17th, 1917. The Yellow & Blue in the flag became the official state colors.


NotClauswitz said...

It also shows a center-mass hold, and
"Light's bright, sights high" :-)

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