Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Police Budget Cuts: We Won't Come

Residents of Oakland California have been told that if they come home & find that their home security has been compromised - in other words their door has been kicked in - don't bother to call the Police. Why? Because the Police won't come unless there is proof that the thugs are still inside. How they expect you to know that before the thugs hiding inside bash your brains in with baseball bats I don't know, but I do have some friendly advice for such residents.

I highly recommend that you don't walk into a compromised home without your gun, and you should definitely have a buddy with you to back you up. Training on how to enter safely as a team and clear rooms is important too, so make sure you and your backup get plenty of training.

Definitely don't just wander in calling "is anybody still here?" - that is a good way to get your brains bashed in. Of course this advice won't be very helpful to my friends in Oakland California, since few California Subjects are even permitted to bear loaded weapons on their person. In Oakland I imagine only the politically well connected or wealthy are able to get a California "May Issue" CCW permit.

Update 1: It occurred to me this morning that although in California it is often difficult to obtain a CCW permit for self defense while away from home, it is perfectly legal to store an unloaded firearm in a locked case in your vehicle. Once you arrive at home you can load it up & carry it on your person in a holster for self defense. That way if you have any unpleasant surprises on the way into your home you won't be defenseless.


Anonymous said...

I have contacted Mike Piccone (sp) from Guns and Patriot's webpage to attempt to discover the logic of why the nra still will not confirm or deny their stand on harry reid's endorsement. About 2 weeks ago Mike said I don't have the real story and some day he will give us X-life members(40+ years) the real story. Right now us little people that cannot contribute monthly stipends have to wait while lapierre and the bunch try and polish the image of one of the most corrupt unethical U.S.senators in history of this great nation. Shame on the nra. Their logic on this issue depends on what crystal ball they are using to determine the nov. election. Before cancelling my 40+ year life membership I called-emailed- and finally talked to one director and 1 AZ. rep. Their take is-I just don't understand the beltway. They have caved again for $ and power. SHAME on the nra.We are keeping our guns without any help from the unresponsive power brokers. good luck

herk fin Arizona

Anonymous said...

Not that it matters...but the unloaded open carry ban has also been put on "inactive file" in the state senate as well, too. So depending on whether you drive through school zones, you might not have to keep it locked in your trunk.

That said, thanks for bringing up this issue on Oakland, CA, one of the U.S.'s top five most dangerous cities last time I checked. In terms of safety, Oakland is a very strange place. The safety of the city varies literally from block to block - which means that you literally have very crime-infested areas butting up to fancy "houses on the hill." It is difficult to go anywhere in the city (or the East Bay, for that matter) without crossing a pretty crappy area. It seems like half of my friends in the area have personally been mugged or assaulted. And and large, people generally believe they are "safe." HOW this public delusion is maintained is beyond me. Between citizen-on-citizen crime and police-on-citizen crime, it seems like a lack of safety is an undeniable part of living in the East Bay...

- jenna, berkeley

Dustin said...

Herk: It is annoying at times I know, but the NRA is a "single issue" group. If a given candidate likes to kill babies, wants to ram Obamacare down our throats, and wants to Cap & Tax us to death, but votes the way the NRA asks them to on gun issues, he or she will get the NRA endorsement. It is the cost we pay for earning their loyalty. Otherwise how would we convince anyone to support our cause?

Additionally, remember that although the majority of NRA members are conservative, not all of them are. I'm sure there are at least tens if not hundreds of Thousands of NRA members who LOVE Obamacare, & Cap & Tax, given the fact that there are over 4 Million NRA members.

Jenna: Good point. I thought of mentioning unloaded open carry as an option, but I knew there was a ban under consideration, and there is the school zone issue. I'm glad to hear that the ban is on hold as an inactive file.

raj84 said...

wow, to many people receiving the benefits of others labor, it almost seems as if to many people have come to california and to few are paying into the system.
if only there was a state that was trying to do something about that.
there is but california has decided it is better to boycott that state than to look into why it needs to be done.

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