Friday, August 27, 2010

AZ: More People Armed for Self Defense

When I went in to my Doctor's office for my yearly blood work and EKG this week the nurse asked me to take off my shirt so she could attach the electric probes, which exposed the gun holstered in my IWB Holster. Last year the very same nurse seemed rather nervous while she told me she did not like guns, but this year she simply asked me if I had a CCW permit or if I was taking advantage of the new Constitutional Carry law here in Arizona that went into effect last month.

I told her that I do have a CCW permit, and that I plan to maintain it so that I can continue to receive reciprocity when I travel out of State, at least until we get Constitutional Carry instituted across the Country. She then revealed to me that she has seen a marked increase in the number of people bearing arms for self defense since the new law went into effect, many of whom have told her that they had avoided going through the process to get a CCW permit for various reasons, but were glad to finally be able to exercise their right to bear arms without asking the government for a special permission slip.

The observations of a single nurse are not a sound basis for a scientific study, but it is still very encouraging to hear that the Constitutional Carry law appears to be making a positive difference in the lives of many Americans finally free to enjoy more of their constitutionally guaranteed liberties while here in Arizona. As an added bonus, any thugs wanting to find easy targets in Arizona will now have to deal with many more potential targets being prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones. Many crooks will likely soon choose to move to a State where the local government ensures more of their potential victims are unarmed and defenseless.

The icing on the cake: she revealed to me that although she didn't even like guns a year ago, she has pulled a complete 180: She & her husband went through the process to obtain CCW permits earlier this year. I always love to see more Americans preparing themselves for self defense against treacherous thugs!


Anonymous said...

Congress on the Sotomayor nomination -- before the testimony was given. My point is this: you can trust what you hear from G & P. I don't engage in rumors and you should ignore them too.

Media is about money and there are those that will sell out the Second Amendment for their own gain.

Not all conservatives are pro-gun. Beware of these people.

Join the NRA. Join here for $25 and send a message to anyone that says you should not be a member. G & P readers get the best price available for a full annual membership.

Support the NRA, and support your state association, if you want to protect and preserve the Second Amendment.

Please read Jennifer Kendall's article this week. She does a great job of defining the organizations that threaten our way of life. This article is exclusive to Guns & Patriots and it is excellent.

Mike Piccione
Editor, Guns & Patriots

Hi lucky- would love to get your take on this. Maybe they are hurting already for more cash?? I wonder what % the fund raisers are receiving ? I think I am looking smarter by the day. ps Mike P. is one of the people that I begged to be forthright with a timely answer on endorsements to the membership. His last email said please do not email me again. Hopefully while he searches for new members he will read this blog. Mike I am proud that I do not understand the beltway that is attempting to put this great country under. Utilizing Mike's logic if obama was pro gun you would endorse him.
This makes no sense. In the interium Angle is needing all the help she can garner.
Thanks Lucky. Herkfin Arizona God Bless Harlon Carter and the real people that made the old NRA the place where all gunowners should reside. I did not create this mess but the boys need to belly up and admit that they are way off base and correct their direction with a new menu of officers and directors. Maybe term limits??

Anonymous said...

Hello all. Approx 6 weeks ago the nra floated a news leak that they might endorse harry reid. When they received a landslide of negative feedback they stated that they were only testing. Yesterday 8/31/2010 they announced they will not be endorsing harry. @ the same time they are taking members’ money ($5000) to give to harry’s campaign. Harry is the closest thing I have seen to the anti-Christ. He and others have contributed to the breakdown of this great country. After 40 years of life membership I have left and quite honestly with a fair amount of anger. The nra ‘s logic is if politicians are pro gun they will endorse them. Using this same logic if obama was pro gun they would endorse him. I object them telling me I just don’t understand the beltway mentality. Over 40 years I have donated thousands of dollars to the org and they now are still saying they are a one issue organization. The bottom line is that I am asking (almost begging) all of you to call ,write, email the nra & ask them why they would support the ilks of reid. To provide $ to this organization is a slap in the face of millions of people that sent their hard earned $ to defeat people like reid. They are a cash cow with their mailing program but I think they might be trying to milk a bull. Please confirm or deny my statements. If you like harry reid join the nra. Also please confirm and I will remove you from my blog. herkfin Free in Arizona

raj84 said...

Sounds like you are mostly worried about home invasion.
Make sure you have good locks, and make sure your doors and windows are locked every night.
When you are entering and leaving your home, be aware of who is around, or who may be watching. Trust your instincts. If there are strangers around, report them, or at least write down their description.
If you don't already have one, form a neighborhood watch, or at least keep the lines of communication with your neighbors open-watch our for one another.
Invest in a gun, and some firearms training.
Every household usually has knives. Keep them sharp and keep them handy.
If approached by strangers, control the distance using voice and body language; keep them at a little more than arms length, and make your self look and sound assertive.

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John said...

I think everyone of us needs to be worried about home safety and personal safety as well. We only have one life to live so we must take care of it, money and material things don't matter if life is at stake but while we still have time - it is necessary that we somehow learn martial arts :)

Anonymous said...

although it is not necessary to have a CCW permit in AZ anymore it is still a good idea to get one.

marko said...

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